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Topic: Evil Company [03/09/2016]

Be not deceived: evil communications corrupt good manners. 1 Cor 15:33. Read: Gal 6:7-8

No matter how evil prevails and her perpetrators live, it has a limited life span, it would soon come to an end. The righteous must know and remember the Word of our Lord Jesus Christ on how evil men will grow even to the extent of trying to lure the elect of God. If you’re persecuted as a righteous one, take heart for you shall surely prevail through Jesus Christ. This is why you must choose your association with caution because, your association will determine your end. The Bible says, “Be not deceived: evil communication corrupts good manners”.1 Cor 15:33. Absalom, son of David chose evil association, he ended prematurely. 2 Sam 13.

Today, many of our youths have been lured away through worldly music, unwholesome money and crazy fashion. The quest for shortcuts has actually cut many glorious destinies short and to their early graves. We must not be deceived by the mundane things of this passing world, they’re distractions to our glorious destination. Evil men have no palatable but painful end.


* Your association determines your destination, evil association will end you in hell while righteous association will end you in heaven.

By Emode Victor

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