Winning Wisdom: Advocate Peace

Author: Ese Ehimare Dave

Topic: Advocate Peace [Monday, 28th Nov. 2016]

Follow peace with all men...Hebrews 12:14

Jesus is the Prince of Peace. He is the Ruler and Advocate of peace and peaceful co-existence. One of the things He came to accomplish with His death, burial and resurrection is the establishment of peace, that was in the beginning, between God and man; and He went further to establish peace between humans – Jews and Gentiles – so that, as we individually have peace with God, we can also be at peace with one another.

Scriptures say in Ephesians 2:14 (TLB) – “for Christ himself is our way of peace. He has made peace between us Jews and you Gentiles by making us all one family, breaking down the wall of contempt* that used to separate us.” Any wonder why Hebrews 12:14 puts peace and holiness in one scripture, stating without which (holiness) no one can see God? That’s because of its importance. Peace stems out of love and love is cardinal to all that we profess and do.

As princes and princesses of peace, like Jesus is, we must propagate peace everywhere we go. We are agents of peace. While we seek to restore peace between men and God through the gospel, we should with the same gospel restore peace between men. We must continuously and vigorously break down the wall of contempt between people, replacing it with the bond of peace (Ephesians 4:3). Be God’s agent of peace. Propagate it between persons, families, tribes, communities, cities and nations.

Keep winning daily.


Dear Lord, the Prince of Peace, I sign up today as an advocate of peace. Wherever I go, by the working of Your Spirit, as I propagate the gospel, I will also propagate Your peace, in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

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