Winning Wisdom — We Sleep; We Do Not Die 1

Topic: We Sleep; We Do Not Die 1 [Friday, 4th Nov. 2016]

He told another story. “God’s kingdom is like a farmer who planted good seed in his field. That night, while his hired men were asleep, his enemy sowed thistles all through the wheat and slipped away before dawn. Matthew 13:24‭-‬25 MSG

Sleep in the context of this message refers to the state of spiritual unconsciousness or weakness. Note, from the text, it is clear that the farmer was not the one who slept (God does not sleep); it was his workers (we) who did.

At salvation, we received spiritual sight to see the kingdom of God (John 3:3) and even when we sleep, those eyes are still there but are only shut temporarily. So, a Christian who is experiencing some dry spell in his or her walk with God has not lost touch with the kingdom. This is because only one with life can be asleep, and this life commences at birth. So, when we sleep as Christians, it should never be mistaken as being dead and gone. Rather, it should be seen as an evidence of being alive.

We have had great men and women of faith, both from the scriptures and in our global environment who at one time or the other, in their walk with God, had their moments of weakness.

However, our joy is that although we were once dead in sin, we have been made alive. As scriptures say: “even when we were dead in sins, hath quickened us together with Christ, (by grace ye are saved)”

(Ephesian 2:5). So, just in case you are asleep right now, so weak that you are even doubting your salvation, panic not! Abide in the presence of God. Do not neglect the fellowship of the brethren; you will be awoken soon.

Keep winning daily.


Thank God for the salvation He has given to you. And, ask that He gives you strength for every weakness: Intercede for others too.

By Sam A-men Abidoye

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