Winning Wisdom: Magnify The LORD

Topic: Magnify The LORD [Wednesday, 7th June 2017]

O magnify the Lord with me, and let us exalt his name together. Psalms 34:3 KJV

To magnify, as we know, is to make something bigger than it really is. But how do we magnify the God that is already big? The logic of doing that is something deep we must dig into. But, come to think of it, does it not require a knowledge of the original size of a thing to know whether or not it has been made bigger? And we don’t even know God’s original size! Now, that alone is enough to for us ponder upon till God-knows-when. Scriptures says that “the Lord is high above all nations, and his glory above the heavens” (Psalms 113:4 KJV). Okay, who else is that big or high? And if we have to magnify Him, what or who would we compare him to?

Now, logical physics explains that the distance between two or more objects is a determinant of the perceived size of one of the objects from the standpoint of the others. Simply put, how you see an object in reference to its size depends on how near or how far you are from it. That applies here: How big God appears to you is directly proportional to how close you are to Him.

So, we can rephrase David’s words as follows, “draw closer to the LORD with me, and let us exalt His name together.” God is constantly and steadily unchanging in all things, including magnitude. Again, we can’t make Him bigger than He already is because we can’t even tell how big He is. He is just as big to us as close as we are to Him. That an aircraft looks tiny in the air doesn’t mean it is not bigger than the car on land; distance is the thing. Let’s magnify the Lord. I mean, let’s get closer to the Lord.

Keep winning daily.


Dear Father, help me to get closer to You through the knowledge of You, so that I can indeed magnify You, in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

By Samuel A-men Abidoye

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