Winning Wisdom: He Knows What To Do

Winning Wisdom: He Knows What To Do [Sunday, 16th July 2017]

Topic: He Knows What To Do [Sunday, 16th July 2017]

And this he said to prove him: for he himself knew what he would do. John 6:6

There was a situation in John 6. Jesus has been preaching to more than five thousand people for a couple of days, and through out the duration of His preaching, the folks did not have any meal. Jesus knew this. When he was done preaching, instead of sending them away hungry, He thought it wise to provide them with food. He called His disciples to inquire from them how they were going to get them food. His disciples were clueless because of the sheer size of the people. But you see, before Jesus asked them, He already knew what to do. He had figured out a plan ahead of time.

One of the reasons that should make us always put our trust on the Lord is because He always knows what to do to get us out of every melee we find ourselves. He always has things figured out. Sometimes, He allows us to use our human mind to try to figure out what to do when we are in difficult times. But, He Knows what to do to get us out of the them. He is never bereft of strategies or plans. In short, He has an already made plan of getting you out of those challenging times, and set you in the path of peace. This is one reason why you must put your absolute trust in the Lord.

Samaria, in 2 Kings 6 & 7, was experiencing one of the worst food shortages in world history, because of a siege three kings mounted on the city. Nobody knew what to do, but God had a plan. He knew what to do and how to do it. With p mighty sounds, from the feeble feet of four leprous men, He chased the whole troupe of the three kings, who left all the food and the valuables they came with. Samaria became filled with food in abundance, bought with nothing. God always have a plan, He Knows what to do. Don’t think His delay is as a result of lack of idea or plan, He Knows what to do and He will do it if you trust Him absolutely.

Keep winning daily.


Dear Lord, You are the omnipotent God, You know all things and have all things figured out. In my time of difficulty, I trust You to fix it for me. You know what to do to get me out of the mire and set me on the path of progress. Do what you need to do to bring me out of every difficult situation, in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

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