Winning Wisdom: Make That Choice

Topic: Make That Choice [26/6/2016]
Text: Joshua 24:14-16

The course of life you take doesn’t entirely depends on God. That is, whatever trajectory that befall us, is not the making of God. God, as a loving ally, has given to us the power to chart the course of our lives. There are always two choices before us; death and life, success and failure, prosperity and poverty, health and ill health, etc. Any of the choices that we experience is a function of the choices we make.

Joshua placed this same choices before the children of Israel. God also placed this same choices before Adam in the garden of Eden. God have always wanted man to chart the course of his life by the choices he makes. What choices are you making daily? They add up to form the choices of your life. To be successful or be a failure is not a coincidence or a matter of fate, it is by the choices we make each day.

Today, choose to be a success. Choose to live, be prosperous and healthy. Make sure all the little choices you make daily are consistent with these choices. These daily choices determine what your life will become. Choose to spend your time wisely. Choose to read the right books. Choose to be with the right people. Choose to do the right things at the right time. Choose to chart the course of your life, don’t live it to chance. You can only become what you choose to be. Make the right choices today.

Keep winning daily.

Dear loving Father, You have given me life to live to the full. Today I choose to live my life to the full. I choose to live right and be all what Your Word says about me. I choose to be prosperous, successful, excellent, healthy, and the likes, in Jesus name. Amen.

By Ese Ehimare Dave

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