Winning Wisdom: Uninterrupted Access

Topic: Uninterrupted Access [28/7/2016]
Text: Ephesians 2:18

The affirmation of our sonship is dependent on the Spirit of God. No one devoid of God’s Spirit can claim sonship to God. We are born of God’s Spirit (John 3:5) and He affirms or bears the record of sonship with our regenerated spirit that we are sons of God (Romans 8:16). With the affirmation, we are granted free and uninterrupted access to the Father by the same Spirit. This is very key. The access to the Father is not interrupted, not even by an act of sin.

When we sin, the Holy Spirit in us does not shut down operations. Rather, He activates His ministry of conviction, drawing our hearts to God in repentance. The access to the Father cannot be truncated except we activate a lack of faith. Because, he that must come unto God must believe (Hebrew 11:6). The Father wants everyone to come unto Him. Jesus said all that come to Him He will not reject or cast out (John 6:37). He threw His gate wide open to all inviting even those that are ladened with sin (Matthew 11:28).

We all have an uninterrupted access to the Father by the Spirit. We can boldly come into His throne of grace to receive all that the Father have in store for us (Hebrews 4:16). As long as you have the affirmation of the Spirit which comes when you received Jesus as Lord and Saviour, you have an uninterrupted access to the Father. It is your legal right as His son. And nothing can prevent you from accessing your Father. Take advantage of this truth and make it a vital experience always.

Keep winning daily.

Dear Father, thank You for the uninterrupted access You have granted me to You. I take advantage of it today and always to build a closer relationship with You, as we partner together to fulfill Your purpose here on earth, winning and conquering territories for You, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

By Ese Ehimare Dave

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