Winning Wisdom: Invest In Yourself

Topic: Invest In Yourself [14/9/2016]

Text: 1 Timothy 2:15

Getting to a new level in life is the goal of everyone. Nobody wants to retrogress or remain stagnant in life. And this kind of mentality is in consonance with God’s will for us. But one thing you must do to move on to a new level in life is to invest in yourself, for you are your greatest asset and it is very important you don’t neglect yourself. You must invest in yourself for you to get to a new level.

The best investment in yourself is the investment of knowledge. A new set of knowledge is always required for a new level of influence and operation. Invest in books. Learn something new. The knowledge you acquire is your ticket to a new level. A new knowledge acquired is power gained! This is because knowledge is power and influence that makes you to operate on a new pedestal.

A major investment you need to make as a son or daughter of God is to invest more time in communion with God. Investing your time in prayer increases your awareness of the anointing of God upon you. You can enjoy a whole new level of the operation of God’s Spirit through the time you invest in prayer. Because at the point of prayer, God manifests Himself more to you. This brings you into a new level of consciousness of what you have inside of you, causing you to operate in a new dimension. Invest in yourself for a new level.

Keep winning daily.

Wise Action:
Make conscious effort to learn something new or improve on the knowledge you already have in your area of interest. Also make out quality time for communication with God’s Spirit.

By Ese Ehimare Dave

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