We All Have Sinned

Author: Emode Victor

A Promise For You From Bible Promises:

Topic: We All Have Sinned [02/10/2016]

For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God. Romans 3:23. Read: Dan 9:1-23

It’s natural for humans to look for someone to blame for their failure. Indeed, many things could be responsible for our failure but we have the power to either allow failure or success in our individual lives. Instead of blaming others who did or didn’t help us, let’s look inward, have we done the right thing also? In this part of the world, we tend to blame the leaders for our lack and inadequacies but fail to see that we also are leaders to someone, how do we treat them that are under us? Just yesterday, as a boss, you were given money to share with your employee that did a very good job and brought glory to the company and you kept it and now you say the government is not good and corrupt. You refused to give a listening ear to your subordinate to alleviate their burdens and you’re complaining that the government is stubborn. You lord it over everyone around you, even when you make mistakes, you still want to maintain your ground. You find it so difficult to admit your wrongs and say, I am sorry.

When prophet Daniel discovered the despondent state of Israel, he didn’t blame the elders or the leaders, rather, he went into fasting and prayers claiming that, they have all sinned which is why they were suffering. In our Nation Nigeria, our fathers, leaders and we all have sinned therefore need repentance. Shifting blames won’t solve our challenges but repentance to do the right thing always with the consciousness that, we are all leaders in different capacities.


* Until we admit our shortcomings and resolve to do the right things, our pain might linger. God bless Nigeria

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