Winning Wisdom: Worship Part 1

Topic: Worship Part 1 [Monday, 26th Dec. 2016]

Thou art worthy, O Lord to receive glory and honour and power: For thou hast created all things, and for thy pleasure they are and were created. Rev.4:11 KJV

The subject of worship is really fundamental, thus retaining significance in our daily lives, as it dictates our actions and view of things happening around us. This, we saw in Jesus’ conversation with the woman who met her at the well in John 4. Jesus engaged her and deduced that the reason for her moral deficiencies was connected to the subject of worship.

The root word for “worship” is “worth” and because something or someone is WORTHY, we worship him/it. The reason we worship God is because we have found Him worthy. Until we find Him worthy, we cannot worship Him.

The word ‘God’ is not a name but a title meaning self existent and self sufficient. He gave us His Word, which in print contains why He is worthy. The moment we come to terms with what makes Him worthy through His Word He has given us, we foster the bond of fellowship and we can appropriately worship Him. Get to His Word to see His worth, so you know He is worthy of worship and worship Him, propelled by your discovery.

Keep winning daily.

Action Point:

Worship is much more than songs, it’s a submission we come to first from our heart, the mind agrees with the truth in His Word and our bodies give expression to the truth we discover through worship.

By Chris Olufemi Ojinni

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