Understanding the Marriage Covenant (3) by Pastor Faith Oyedepo

Author: Pastor Faith Oyedepo

Topic: Understanding the Marriage Covenant (3)

Dear Reader,

Your marriage is what you think it to be. As the society becomes more complex, marriage as an institution is either positively or negatively affected. The world we live in is a press-button world for quick results; anything that does not produce at the touch of a button is disregarded. Unfortunately, marriages are also treated the same way. This week, I will teach on Fulfilling the Marriage Covenant.

As a married person, you are into a covenant relationship but not just with any man or woman on the street.  You are in a covenant with your own husband or wife. Until you are married legally (in church, in the presence of witnesses) you are not in a marriage covenant relationship. How do you ensure that you don’t break your marriage covenant with your spouse? God’s Word says: …The Lord hath been witness between thee and the wife of thy youth, against whom thou hast dealt treacherously: yet is she thy companion, and the wife of thy covenant. Therefore … deal treacherously against the wife of his youth. For the Lord, the God of Israel, saith that he hateth putting away: for one covereth violence with his garment, saith the LORD of hosts: therefore take heed to your spirit, that ye deal not treacherously (Malachi 2:15, 16).

First of all, if you understand that you are in a marriage covenant, you will refuse, like the above passage says, to deal treacherously with your wife or your husband. I discovered from the dictionary that the word “treacherously” simply means “dangerously, deceptive.” Therefore, don’t be a dangerous/deceptive wife or husband. Don’t deal treacherously or pretend to be good, and then do evil instead, to your spouse.  The word treacherous also means traitor or betrayal of trust. Because you are into a covenant relationship, it is very important for you not to betray your spouse. The Bible says: “God hates it” and whatever God hates, as a believer in Christ, you ought to hate too. Since God is a covenant keeper, you will be exhibiting godliness by ensuring that you are also a covenant keeper, by not destroying the trust your spouse has for you. God’s Word says: She will do him good and not evil all the days of her life (Proverbs 31:12).

The marriage covenant is meant to do both of you good and not evil. You and your spouse are meant to be sources through which good comes to one other. Therefore, if you betray your spouse, you are undoing yourself without knowing. Fulfiling the terms of the marriage covenant guarantees your enjoyment of God’s favour in your life.

In Genesis 2:24-25, the Bible makes us understand that openness should become the atmosphere between the husband and the wife after the marriage covenant has been ratified. Therefore, in order to keep the marriage covenant relationship intact, openness must be maintained.  Openness helps to build trust which is a vital ingredient in any lasting relationship. So, endeavour to keep your marriage by creating an atmosphere of openness and trust. Remember, in marriage, a unique fusion occurs when there is a merging of two separate individuals into one.

Furthermore, no one keeps secrets from himself. For instance, it is not possible for the toe to hurt without the brain knowing it; they are both members of one body. Similarly, God expects that when two become one in holy wedlock, nothing should be kept as secret between them. Both must be open to one another and walk in sincerity.

In addition, we must understand that God’s grace is the carrier of salvation. If you respond to it today, you will escape the distress, which most couples are facing. However, the grace for fulfiling the marriage covenant is an exclusive preserve of those connected to God. You can get connected by confessing your sins and accepting Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour. That is what being born again is all about. If you desire to be born again, please say this prayer of faith: “Dear Lord Jesus Christ, I come to You today. I am a sinner. Forgive me of my sins and cleanse me with Your Blood. Deliver me from sin and satan to serve the living God. I accept You as my Lord and Saviour. Make me a child of God today. Thank You for accepting me into Your Kingdom.”

If you prayed this simple prayer, you are now a child of God. He loves you and will never leave you. Read your Bible daily, obey God’s Word and seek Christian fellowship (John 14:21).

Congratulations! You are now born again! All-round rest and peace are guaranteed you, in Jesus’ Name. Call or write, and share your testimonies with me through contact@faithoyedepo.org; OR 07026385437 and 08141320204.

For more insight, these books authored by me are available at the Dominion Bookstores in all Living Faith Churches and other leading Christian bookstores: Marriage Covenant, Making Marriage Work, Building A Successful Home and Success in Marriage (Co-Authored).

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