Winning Wisdom: Sustain the Confidence

Topic: Sustain the Confidence [24/8/2016]

Text: 1 Samuel 30

As a leader, winning the confidence of your subordinates is key to achieving success. The right leadership is key to the success of every organisation, team, group and ministry. As a leader, don’t ever allow the confidence your subordinates have in you to diminish. It will birth rebellion if that happens. That is why leaders always look forward to a vote of confidence from their subordinates or team members in difficult times. But when their subordinates or team members do otherwise, their leadership soon arrives the finish line.

David, in 1 Samuel 30, nearly got stoned by his subordinates because they lost confidence in him because of his decision to join forces with Achish and the Philistine, who took him and his men in when he was fleeing from King Saul, against King Saul. But he was able to calm them and reassured them. At they end, their families that the Amalekites took when they invaded Ziklag, were recovered unhurt.

One of the reasons  people loose confidence in a leader is counterproductive decision-making. Just like the decision taken by David to go to battle with Achish. Other reasons are inconsistency in decision-making and a lack of direction. As a leader, you must be consistent in your decision-making and have a clearly articulated vision that your subordinates or team members can buy into. Never loose the confidence of your team members.

Keep winning daily.

Dear Lord, I pray for leaders around the world, in our families, churches, governments and organisations, that they will never loose the confidence of their subordinates and team members. That they will achieve all the goals and purposes that are in line with your will, in Jesus’ name. Amen

By Ese Ehimare Dave

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