According to a breaking story from and TMZ, a chilling 911 call that an eyewitness made during a bloody, bottle smashing brawl that involved Bobby Brown’s family members at  his birthday party has just been released. What makes this release even more sad is that it’s from a party/brawl that happened while Bobbi Kristina lay in coma.

According to a report released by the Atlanta Police Department, the 911 call came in around 12:30 a.m. Friday at the W Midtown Atlanta Hotel. Brown’s family members were attending a birthday party for Bobby, Bobbi Kristina’s pop star father. One attendee, Shayne Brown, got into a fight with his mother, Tina Brown, over a valet parking ticket. Tina Brown is Bobby Brown’s sister.

A hotel manager witnessed Tina Brown spit in Shayne Brown’s face and hit him over the head with a glass bottle. Tina Brown then left the hotel bar, where the assault took place. The 911 caller told the dispatcher, “There is a group that’s fighting at the bar and they won’t leave.” When asked if there were weapons, the caller said no, but that one of the crowd had “used a glass at the bar as a weapon and cut somebody in the face.”

The caller said the fight involved eight to ten people. A Grady Memorial Hospital team arrived at the hotel to treat Shayne Brown for a laceration to the left side of his forehead. Shayne Brown told the crew he did not want to be taken to the hospital; he later drove himself there for further treatment, according to the police report. He also told investigators he did not want to file charges against his mother.

Listen to the tape below:

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