A Promise For You From Bible Promises: [29/07/2016]

Topic: They Are Not Part

God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble. Psalms 46:1. Read: Ps 46:1-7

It’s human nature to begin to run after fellow men for help when in any trouble. In spite of some people’s connections, they encounter disappointments and they wonder why. Those kind of people feel that, since they are well connected like the cobwebs, they can always get whatever they want anytime they’re in trouble. They hardly remember God in their troubled times but uncles, aunts and friends unknown to them that flesh can fail, as a result, many become miserable and dejected – some even commit suicide. The arm of flesh will fail any man that rely on it and by your own strength, you cannot prevail because ‘Without Jesus, you can do nothing’. Trusting in man in times of trouble attracts a curse from God. Jer 17:5.

Anyone that fails you in your time of trial shouldn’t weigh you down, don’t be discouraged, they disappointed you because they’re not part of your awaiting success story, encourage yourself in the Lord and move on because, with God on your side, success is your birthright. Only God can truly get involved with you in your trial time and your success time which is why all glory must be returned to Him. God cares about you, let Him into the boat of your life now.

* Stop running after men, but after God who is the ever present help in time of trouble. #PeaceWeekend

By Emode Victor

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