Controversial Nigerian porn star Judith Mazagwu known professionally as Afrocandy, believes Nigeria’s presidential challenger Muhammadu Buhari is a sponsor of Boko Haram.

Speaking on the forthcoming 2015 general elections, she took to social media and said: “Very Funny they are Soliciting me to Join APC because my Brother Amechi is a part of it and promising to give me Money….I will always do the right thing and I am not for Sale. Everyone Knows what happened to the Chibok Girls and who is Sponsoring the Boko Harams.

Buhari and the Northerners are Behind it all because they think Ruling Nigeria is their Birthright they did everything to make the GEJ’s Government ungovernable. See how karma is a bitch? They ended up killing their own people to frame GEJ. Why don’t they try that nonsense in the East and their generations will be whipped out for good. This is not a Tribal war, it’s politics so give peace a Chance, give Democracy a Chance period!”

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