anglican devotional

The Daily Fountain Devotional of the Church Of Nigeria (Anglican Communion) 13 January 2021 – Christ For All Nations

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Topic: Christ For All Nations

Read: Luke 3:23-38 (NKJV)

  1. Now Jesus Himself began [His ministry at] about thirty years of age, being (as was supposed) [the] son of Joseph, [the son] of Heli,
  2. [the son] of Matthat, [the son] of Levi, [the son] of Melchi, [the son] of Janna, [the son] of Joseph,
  3. [the son] of Mattathiah, [the son] of Amos, [the son] of Nahum, [the son] of Esli, [the son] of Naggai,
  4. [the son] of Maath, [the son] of Mattathiah, [the son] of Semei, [the son] of Joseph, [the son] of Judah,
  5. [the son] of Joannas, [the son] of Rhesa, [the son] of Zerubbabel, [the son] of Shealtiel, [the son] of Neri,
  6. [the son] of Melchi, [the son] of Addi, [the son] of Cosam, [the son] of Elmodam, [the son] of Er,
  7. [the son] of Jose, [the son] of Eliezer, [the son] of Jorim, [the son] of Matthat, [the son] of Levi,
  8. [the son] of Simeon, [the son] of Judah, [the son] of Joseph, [the son] of Jonan, [the son] of Eliakim,
  9. [the son] of Melea, [the son] of Menan, [the son] of Mattathah, [the son] of Nathan, [the son] of David,
  10. [the son] of Jesse, [the son] of Obed, [the son] of Boaz, [the son] of Salmon, [the son] of Nahshon,
  11. [the son] of Amminadab, [the son] of Ram, [the son] of Hezron, [the son] of Perez, [the son] of Judah,
  12. [the son] of Jacob, [the son] of Isaac, [the son] of Abraham, [the son] of Terah, [the son] of Nahor,
  13. [the son] of Serug, [the son] of Reu, [the son] of Peleg, [the son] of Eber, [the son] of Shelah,
  14. [the son] of Cainan, [the son] of Arphaxad, [the son] of Shem, [the son] of Noah, [the son] of Lamech,
  15. [the son] of Methuselah, [the son] of Enoch, [the son] of Jared, [the son] of Mahalalel, [the son] of Cainan,
  16. [the son] of Enos, [the son] of Seth, [the son] of Adam, [the son] of God.


We can see from today’s reading, the genealogy or record of Jesus‘ ancestors as Luke traced it backwards from Jesus Christ to Adam and to God who is the Father of all and Maker of the whole world, unlike Mathew who traced his genealogy forward from Abraham to Jesus. This genealogy traced by Luke shows us that Jesus is related not only to the Jews, but to all human beings in the world; this shows us that Jesus is not only the Saviour of the Jews, but of the whole world. This is consistent with 1 Timothy 1:15 which states that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners, including you and I. Again, we notice that the gentiles are included in God’s plan of salvation. Our salvation is therefore not by chance or historical accident. Now that God has you in His salvation plan, you must Work out your salvation with fear and trembling because our salvation is nearer now that when we first believed (Phil. 2:12; Rom. 13:11).

Have you been saved? Are you washed in the blood of the Lamb? Are your garments white and spotless? Have you said ‘No!” to sin? The salvation that Jesus gives is not based on ethnic group or nepotism. It is full and free to the whole world. If you have not accepted Jesus as your Lord and Saviour, do it this beginning of the year and He will come into your heart and save you.

PRAYER: Oh God our Father, thank you for the privilege of making me your child and thank you for Jesus who came into the world to save me.