anglican devotional

The Daily Fountain Devotional of the Church Of Nigeria (Anglican Communion) 13 March 2022 – Comfort From Above

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TOPIC: Comfort From Above

READ: Isaiah 51: 1-11(NKJV)

  1. “Listen to Me, you who follow after righteousness, You who seek the LORD: Look to the rock [from which] you were hewn, And to the hole of the pit [from which] you were dug.
  2. Look to Abraham your father, And to Sarah [who] bore you; For I called him alone, And blessed him and increased him.”
  3. For the LORD will comfort Zion, He will comfort all her waste places; He will make her wilderness like Eden, And her desert like the garden of the LORD; Joy and gladness will be found in it, Thanksgiving and the voice of melody.
  4. ” Listen to Me, My people; And give ear to Me, O My nation: For law will proceed from Me, And I will make My justice rest As a light of the peoples.
  5. My righteousness [is] near, My salvation has gone forth, And My arms will judge the peoples; The coastlands will wait upon Me, And on My arm they will trust.
  6. Lift up your eyes to the heavens, And look on the earth beneath. For the heavens will vanish away like smoke, The earth will grow old like a garment, And those who dwell in it will die in like manner; But My salvation will be forever, And My righteousness will not be abolished.
  7. ” Listen to Me, you who know righteousness, You people in whose heart [is] My law: Do not fear the reproach of men, Nor be afraid of their insults.
  8. For the moth will eat them up like a garment, And the worm will eat them like wool; But My righteousness will be forever, And My salvation from generation to generation.”
  9. Awake, awake, put on strength, O arm of the LORD! Awake as in the ancient days, In the generations of old. [Are] You not [the arm] that cut Rahab apart, [And] wounded the serpent?
  10. [Are] You not [the One] who dried up the sea, The waters of the great deep; That made the depths of the sea a road For the redeemed to cross over?
  11. So the ransomed of the LORD shall return, And come to Zion with singing, With everlasting joy on their heads. They shall obtain joy and gladness; Sorrow and sighing shall flee away.


Isaiah is the Lord’s ‘comforting’ words to the discouraged people of Judah exiled in Babylon. In our text today, God drew the attention of the weary exiled to the life of their patriarch, Abraham and Sarah, to whom He made and fulfilled His promises (Genesis 12:1-3; Joshua 21:45). In Judah, it would appear that mercy had forsaken the righteous and the prospect of salvation seemed a distant mirage.

In verses 7-8, Isaiah tells them not to fear, knowing that the Lord would surely comfort His people. God comforted Judah and reassured them of His imminent salvation though they suffered in the hands of mere humans (verses 3,5&7). He promised to return them to Jerusalem with singing, joy and gladness. Their sorrow and sighing would be no more (verse 11). You may be going through difficult times now, however be comforted and encouraged when you remember the works of God (Psalm 46.1; 2 Corinthians 1:3). Hold on to God, there is the sound of abundance of rain, comfort is coming.

PRAYER: Dear God of all comfort, I rely on You today in Jesus’ name. Amen.