Author: Emode Victor

A Promise For You From Bible Promises:

Topic: Be Encouraged [08/04/2017]

Though thy beginning was small, yet thy latter end should greatly increase. Job 8:7. Read: 1 Sam 30:1-6

Every great building started from the foundation and every business empires today started small. It’s better to start small and end great than to start big and never grow from there or even crash. If you have the capacity to start big, it’s good and added advantage, if not, start with what you have and where you are. Rome was not built in a day. Don’t wait for better conditions before you start, instead, start now and better conditions will come. God has blessed you with all you need to start, stop looking for what you don’t have as an excuse for doing nothing.

Though, there is discouragement at every beginning, many will criticise what you are doing. They will say all sort of things against it, they will look out for your mistake. Those you think would encourage you might mastermind your discouragement. They will talk ill of you. Don’t give up even when encouragement is not forthcoming, encourage yourself in the Lord like David. Keep doing what you are doing with excellence because, your latter end shall become great.


* God Almighty shall breathe increase upon your little beginning and you shall end great in Jesus name

* As you start locally, you shall end Globally in Jesus Mighty Name

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