Bobbi Kristina Brown's ‘Husband’ proves his love with a tattoo of her name

Nick Gordon has sent a defiant message to Bobby Brown and the Houston family by having his ‘wife’ and ailing heiress’s name tattooed across his arm in huge letters. He posted the picture on his Facebook page after being barred from visiting her bedside in an Atlanta hospital.

Friends of Kristina accuse Gordon of being a bad influence on Kristina and leading her into trouble with rumors of drug abuse. Gordon is also at the center of a police investigation into how his
girlfriend, who he claims to have married, came to have facial bruising at the time of her near drowning.

His frustration was revealed by Daily last week when it was disclosed he had told friends of his intense love for her and his hope that she would recover and clear his name which is at the center of a police investigation. Nick had said:

‘I didn’t do anything to my baby. I just hope she wakes up and tells ’em what they all need to know.
People are just jumping on my back cos she loves me. There’s a load of nonsense being said about us. I love her, but I can’t get anywhere near her.’

Gordon’s decision to have her name etched onto his left arm is the clearest sign yet that he intends to fight for her if she recovers.

But senior members of the Houston family claim Gordon is a bad influence on a vulnerable and motherless young woman, who stands to inherit $12 million from her mother’s estate when she turns 30.

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