Daily Devotional: God Will Remember All Your Offerings

A Promise For You From Bible Promises:

Topic: God Will Remember All Your Offerings

Remember all thy offerings, and accept thy burnt sacrifice; Selah. Psalms 20:3. Read: Ps 20:1-4

Giving is good, but more than giving is that the person you are giving to, recognizes, accepts, honours and appreciates the gift. It could be frustrating when your offering is rejected while another man’s own is accepted. For your offering to be accepted, the way and manner in which you present it, the kind of offering and most importantly, your heart condition matters a lot. When you give your offering grudgingly, it’s as good as not giving at all. Also, the quality of the offering offered matters, God honoured Abel’s offering while He rejected Cain’s own. He rebuked the priest for offering blind, sick, lame polluted offerings to Him. Gen 4:3-6, Mal 1:6-8.

All the above mentioned traits goes a long way in determining whether your sacrificial giving will be accepted or not. God expects us to turn a new leaf in our giving attitude.

On the other hand, Cornelius’ offering was accepted by God and he received a divine messenger which ended him and members of his family in the kingdom of God. This means that, an accepted offering has potent power to save.

* Father, recognize, accept and remember all my offerings this day
* May God Almighty honour all your offerings in Jesus name.

By Emode Victor

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