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Topic: Names and Duties of Angels in the Bible

And suddenly there was with the angel a multitude of the heavenly host praising God, and saying, Luke 2:13. Read: Rev 5:11-13

The Bible did mentioned that, there was ten thousand times ten thousand, and thousands of thousands of angels which most of their duties is to worship the Lamb. But the Bible also stated some names of angels and their specific duties. There are six (6) specific names of angels mentioned in the Bible and their duties.

1) Cherubims: After the fall of man, God drove him out of the garden and placed a cherubs and a flaming sword to guide it. Gen 3:24. 2) Seraphims: Group of angels Isaiah saw before he was commissioned. They worshipped the Lord of hosts. Isa 6:2-3. 3) Michael: God’s archangel, war angel which led other angels in heaven to fought against Satan. He rescued angel Gabriel from Prince of Persia. Jude 1:9, Dan 10:13, 21, Rev 12:11. 4) Gabriel: Gabriel is a messenger angel of God that stands in His presence. Lk 1:29, 26. 5) Abaddon or Apollyon: This is the angel that rules over the bottomless pit, He is the king with its key. Rev 9:1-2, 11.

2) Lucifer or Satan: As an angel (before his rebellion) in heaven, he was called Lucifer, after he rebelled against God, he was thrown down, and then became Satan – archenemy of God and Believers; he accused Believers before God daily. Isa 14:12, Lk 10:18, Rev 12:10. These are angels whose names are mentioned in the Holy Bible, though you might has other names which are not written in the Bible.

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By Emode Victor