Daily 10 August 2017 Devotional - How to Cater For Your Needs

Topic: How to Cater For Your Needs [Thursday August 10, 2017]

Whatever you lack, sow a seed to terminate that lack.

If you lack health, cater for the lack of health of others.

If you lack money or food give out money or food.

What you need most is what you should give out most.

You’ll never stop lacking until you give out what you lack to those who lack it.

The widow of Zarephath gave out what she lacked most to put an end to that lack.

There she was later eating in abundance as if she never had any lack before.

If you lack fruits gather the seeds that remain of that fruit and scatter them abroad for more fruits to come in.

The most impactful giving is in giving out of your need and not out of you excess.

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