David Abioye's Daily 3 September 2017 Devotional - Mind Your Walk With God

Topic: Mind Your Walk with God [Sunday September 3, 2017]

God measures you according to your walk with Him.

Your walk with Him is more valuable to Him.

You may get lost as a worker but you never get lost walking with Him.

I don’t desire to be famous. I simply long to be faithful in my walk with him.

I care less for commendation of men but I desperately seek God’s appraisal.

I want to end as His beloved son rather than His hired labourer.

I don’t want to be used and abandoned. I will rather not be acclaimed a success but to be His secret disciple.

Spend time to build your relationship with God and your work for Him will be a natural sequence.

Your walk with him will equip you to work for Him.

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