David Abioye’s Daily Devotional April 25, 2017 – Who Am I

Topic: Who Am I [Tuesday April 25, 2017]

The greatest sources of crisis and conflict in life is identity based.

Knowing who you are as ordained by God is what rescues you from every form of identity crisis.

That you are not something does not mean you are nothing.

Everyone is somebody and no one is a nobody.

No one is everything, so no one should be allowed to make you feel that you are nothing.

People get into games of comparison, competition, envy and strife simply because they are yet to know who they are.

Knowledge of who you are is what enhances your worth and gives you sense of value; it defines your glory.

I am yet to find who to envy because I’m not like any other person I’ve ever met.

Save yourself from the identity crisis by identifying and appreciating whom and what God has made you to be.

Don’t pride yourself but celebrate who you are.

Make yourself of no repute, yet, maintain your self esteem.

Never be proud, but don’t damage your ego.

You are valuable and distinct.

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