Topic: The Blessing Of A Father

Gen.27:29 -Let people serve thee, and nations bow down to thee: be lord over thy brethren, and let thy mother’s sons bow down to thee: cursed be every one that curseth thee, and blessed be he that blesseth thee.

Fathers are spiritual ladders you need to climb to see further and gain speed in life. You need a father to gain flight in life. Every time a father releases a word, things turn around. Prophesies will not happen until you understand them. Joseph saw the above scripture and he appropriated it to himself. Though his brothers threw him into the pit, yet they could not throw away the blessing. They removed the coat of many colors from his body but they could not remove the coat of blessings from him.

Therefore, as you appropriate these prophetic blessings to yourself, they will begin to manifest in your life from today in the name of Jesus!

Today, I bless you with the blessing of a father. I bless you with the blessing that can never be reversed. You will experience unusual peace in your marriage! That raging storm in your family will cease now! The yoke of childlessness in your marriage is destroyed by the anointing on the Holy Ghost in the name of Jesus! I decree your fruitfulness is established! Whatever is not making you to be fruitful, I command it to be destroyed in the name of Jesus! I declare that you will carry your own children exactly nine months from today in the name of Jesus!!!

You will not struggle to feed! Jobless and hardship comes to an end in your life and family now! I decree an end to that threatening divorce in your marriage! Every attempt to break your home is broken in the name of Jesus! Your children will no longer be at the bottom of the class! They will move from the back to the fore-front! They will excel exceptionally in their academic pursuit in the name of Jesus!

I decree the freedom of every problematic child in the name of Jesus! That child bringing embarrassment to your family will be the same child that will bring glory and fame to your family! Your children will be the best in all they do in the name of Jesus!

I decree supernatural reconciliation and reunion with your spouse! Move from your present apartment to a big and more comfortable apartment! From one room, possess houses and estates in the name of Jesus!

I command that spell cast on your marriage; causing unrest to be destroyed now! Everyone causing confusion in your marriage, I cast them out in the name of Jesus! Every stranger instigating divorce in your home, I cast them out in the name of Jesus!

If you are desiring to marry as a single sister, I decree you shall be found by the right man in the name of Jesus! I break any curse placed on you by any agent of satan or any member of your family that is making it impossible for you to marry; I command such curse to be destroyed now! That evil spell of prolonged singlehood is broken now in the name of Jesus! God will give you supernatural favour for marriage in the name of Jesus!

Whatever that is causing constant divorce in your family is destroyed now in the name of Jesus! From now on, it will be once married, forever, happily married in the name of Jesus! I command an end to constant marital disappointments in the name of Jesus! Every courtship that you are into that will lead to premature death, divorce or that will put you into life-long sorrow, I command it to be broken! The Holy Spirit will open your eyes to know the wrong people that want to deceive you in marriage in the name of Jesus the Christ –Amen!!!

God bless you

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