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Topic: Doing Good Hurts Sometimes [21/07/2017]

Be not overcome of evil, but overcome evil with good. Romans 12:21. Read: Rom 12:9-20

One faithful morning, as I was preaching in a bus, I preached on “Every act is a seed” which I told the audience that, many people have done good to some people which they are paid back with evil. And they should not allow such payback to turn them to evil. By the time I alighted from the bus, a brother started calling me saying he wanted to pay his offering. I told him that I am not a Church, he should go and pay his offering in his Church. He said to me, everything you said were directed to me. Immediately I perceived he was at the verge of given up on helping people. I encouraged him not to give up and I left.

Yes, doing good is the best, but sometimes it hurts. No matter the disappointment you may have encountered in doing good, don’t give up because everything has a day of reckoning whether good or bad. Don’t allow the evil responses of men to your good deeds turn you to evil, God hates it. Endure till the end and you shall be greatly rewarded. The anchor scripture says, Be not overcome of evil, but overcome evil with good. Ask God for grace for continuity. Remember, if you turn from doing good to doing wickedness, God said, your good deeds shall not be remembered but your current status – evil. Ezek 18. And if you are paying evil for good, you must repent before nemesis catches up on you. The Psalmist said, evil shall not depart from the house of those that pay evil for good.


* Oh Lord my God, the grace to continue in good works no matter the responses, bestow upon me now in Jesus Mighty Name

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