Dunamis Paul Enenche


SERVICE OBJECTIVE: Understanding the purpose and power of thanksgiving


  1. It is the offering of appreciation unto God
    Appreciation is application for more – Bishop David Oyedepo
  2. It is the rendering of testimonies (Rev. 12:11)
  3. It is the demonstration of faith


  1. The celebration of mercy
    We are alive today and not in the grave by mercy
    You are in your right senses today by mercy
    Whatever your situation may be right now, you are a product of mercy
    You may have lost a job but thank God you didn’t lose your heart, liver or kidneys! As long as you have life, you can get job back
  2. The celebration of exemption from destruction
    You were exempted from what destroyed others in your shoes
  3. The celebration of the frustration of enemy expectation (Acts 12:11; Ps. 112:10; 23:5; 1Pet. 3:13)
    We live in a world where people are waiting to hear bad news and evil reports to justify their bad wishes and demonic verdicts
    When people have vowed that they must see your downfall, God has also vowed that He must ensure your lifting!
    Don’t ever be afraid of the wishes of the wicked, it will never see the light of day! (1Pet. 3:13)
  4. The celebration of restoration
    There are many things restored in our lives that we need to celebrate God for per time
    Losing your relationship with God and then returning back to God is worth celebrating
    Entering into a police case or court case and coming out is worth celebrating
  5. The celebration of life
    Life is a privilege, not a right
    Life is a gift, not for sale
    If the devil has not touched your life then there is hope
    If your energy is intact then your destiny is still intact
    When you take your life for granted you end up stranded, grounded and at the end of it life is aborted
  6. The celebration of help (1Chron. 15:26; Rom. 9:16; Eccl. 9:11)
    No one can start a journey and finish a journey without the help of God
    The journey so far is by the help of God!
  7. The celebration of a new season
    As a church we are in a new season!


  1. The release of the Blessing (2Sam. 6:18-19)
    Thanksgiving positions us for greater blessings
  2. The renewal of life (2Sam. 6:18-19; Matt. 4:4)
  3. The release of light (2Sam. 6:18-19; Matt. 4:4)
    Your thanksgiving can make light break out in the night for you
  4. The connection of strength (2Sam. 6:18-19; 1Kings 19:8)
    Your energy and strength are at the mercy of your praise (Neh. 8:10b)
  5. Access to supernatural supplies (2Sam. 6:18-19; Ps. 15:15-16)
  6. The release of joy (2Sam. 6:18-19; Ps. 104:15; Acts 2:13)
    The release of joy is the arrest of sorrow
  7. The fullness of the Spirit (2Sam. 6:18-19; Acts 2:13; Eph. 5:18)
  8. The judgment of the wicked/mockers (2Sam. 6:20-23)
    Our thanksgiving is complete with our offerings and sacrifices (1Chron. 15:26)

Father, thank You for the privilege of being alive today, for the privilege of being in Your Presence and hearing Your Word. To You Lord be all the glory, in Jesus’ Name.


  • I prophesy to you today, God will bypass your limitations and give you your manifestation!
  • God is going to bypass protocols and take you by surprise!
  • God shall answer all your prayers!
  • Everything that has finished and wasted others in your family and community shall never be able to locate you!
  • Everyone watching and waiting for you to crash, they shall be the one to crash!
  • The expectation of the enemy will never come to pass in your life! The evil they wish you can never happen to you! It is only what God wishes for you that can happen to you!
  • 31st December is not permitted to arrive until God prepares a table before you in the presence of your enemies!
  • Everyone connected, related or associated with this Commission, your life has stepped into a new phase, realm and dimension!
  • The difference between where you are coming from and where God is taking you shall not be small!
  • Every supply needed to make December exciting shall be released in due season!
  • As we celebrate God in this season, every sorrow packaged for you and your family is returned back to hell!
  • At the end of this service, your spiritual life is shifting levels
  • After this morning’s service, anybody mocking you and your God, God will judge them!
  • Every agent of molestation looking for you to harass you, they shall lose their peace, sleep and rest until all that is yours is returned to you!
  • Before this year is over, every gate that is still closed shall be opened!
  • Whatever came here with you that is not of God is uprooted!
  • Every mountain that came here with you, that mountain is flattened and returned back to hell!
  • Everyone appointed to die, today, by this mantle, that appointment is cancelled! You shall live and shall fulfil your days!
  • Every devil that said you should not have a voice, that devil is arrested!
  • This last season of the year shall be the best part of the year!
  • 31st December is not permitted to arrive until your expectations come to pass!
  • In this season, there shall be no loss!
  • Everything that is meant to enter your hands this year that has not yet entered, it is released into your hands!
  • Systems are put under pressure; they lose their sleep, peace and rest until all that they are holding that belongs to you is released into your hands!
  • What is yours shall not be diverted! No one shall take what is yours!
  • Something that is missing shall be found even before Christmas
  • Gates that are still closed against you are opened to you right now!
  • You shall not be cut short before your time! You shall fulfil your days!
  • As you walk these grounds you are stepping into your manifestations!
  • Before this year is over, you will have something to celebrate! Something good must happen to you before this year is over!

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