1. Thanking God for the expectation you have; the expectation of a miracle
    Thanking in expectation is an action of faith that moves God into action
  2. Thanking God for the manifestation of the expectation
    Thanking God for the manifestation of the expectation is a gratitude action that moves God to do more
    You can thank God for what has happened and you can also thank God for what must happen


  1. Appreciation brings acceleration
    Life moves forward where people give thanks
    Appreciation is a spiritual gear changer
    Every time you appreciate God you accelerate; your life, destiny, business and ministry are positioned to move faster
    Reduce your noise and increase your speed by acceleration
    If you know how to thank God, anywhere you are per time is the lowest level people can catch you; the next time they see you, they must find you at a higher level!
  2. Appreciation brings liberation (Ps. 50:23)
    The cloth of leprosy was instantly broken by the action of advanced appreciation
    If you know how to praise God, He will show you what He can do (Ps. 50:23)
  3. Appreciation brings restoration
    If you have ever lost anything, God was the reason why you didn’t lose everything – Bishop Oyedepo
    If you can give God appreciation despite what seems to have been lost, then He will give you restoration of all that has been lost
    Never focus on whatever is lost, always focus on what is left and God will take care of whatever is lost
    Don’t magnify what you lack, celebrate what you have and God will multiply what you have
    For everything that is not working around your life, there is something working!
    Not every problem is an attack; there are problems that are progress in disguise, there are commotions that are promotions and challenges that are changes in disguise
  4. Appreciation brings multiplication (John 6:11-12)
    God does more for those who know how to say thank you (John 6:11-12)
    There is always more to every act of God than what you saw; there is always more in reserve
    Never take God for granted so that your life doesn’t end up grounded
  5. Appreciation brings perfection (completion) (Luke 17:19)
    God monitors the handling of your current testimony to determine your qualification for the next one
    Nothing is too small to thank God for
    Nothing just happens, they are made to happen
    Beyond human visibility, there is Divine activity
    Appreciate God, appreciate the people in your life and appreciate the privileges and advantages of your life


  1. Thank God for what you expect
  2. Thank God for what is in process
  3. Thank God for what has manifested
  4. Thank God in word and in action
  5. Thank God with the gift of appreciation (Matt. 8:1-5)


  • Everything the devil took from you is returned back in the Name of Jesus
  • Every arrow of insanity or destruction sent to you by the devil is set on fire!
  • Every satanic agenda that has closed your doors, womb, or destiny, that satanic agenda is over forever!
  • Every chain holding your life down, that chain is broken
  • The spirit behind marital delay, serpentine spirits, altars from your father’s house fighting your life, today, the yoke is broken!
    Whatever the devil took from your life, today they are restored back into your life!
  • Receive multiplication for your favour, wisdom, resources and talent.
  • Every miracle that is in process, I declare the process completed!
  • I prophesy, by the apostolic and prophetic mantle of God on my life this last part of the year shall be your best part of the year! God shall crown it with His goodness! (Ps. 65:11; Job 8:7; Eccl. 7:8)
  • Every program of evil packaged into this season of the year for you or your family, that program of evil is broken by Fire!
  • I prophesy today in this season, every system, individual, organisation, holding what is yours shall lose their peace, sleep and rest until all that is yours is released into your hands! (Esth. 6:1)
  • I prophesy today, every expectation that has been delayed in 2018, 31st December 2018 is not permitted to arrive until your expectations come to pass! (Prov. 23:18)
  • Every evil altar, invocation, demonic wish and thought is set on fire!
  • That door that was closed has just opened! That garment of rejection and disfavour put on you has just been set on fire!
  • That key you were looking for has just been found and put in your hands!
  • Everything that has followed you and defied treatment, today, their yokes are broken!
  • Any affliction that followed you from your mother’s womb, today, they expire!
  • Every victim of injustice, today, your liberty is confirmed!
  • Everywhere you need a miracle around the country and around the world, the power of God is going forth to bring forth that miracle!
  • Every abnormal functioning in your body system, destiny and finances, today they are arrested!
  • Anything belonging to you in the hand of a man, or a devil, today they are released into your hands! Be it your child, house, or resources, they are released now!