Early hours of this morning Sunday some men stormed the office of the All Progressives Congress, APC, at Abam Ama, Okrika Local Government Area in Rivers State and threw dynamite in there, which exploded in the premises destroying major parts of the building.

APC Chairman in Okrika, Mr. Christian Asifamak, who narrated how it happened, pointed accusing fingers at PDP members in the State saying they are the ones who carried out the attack and it’s simply because Okrika people where tired of their government.

He said: “In the early hours of the morning of Sunday January 11, 2015, some unknown group of persons threw dynamite into the party secretariat of our party, the All Progressives Congress in Abam Ama, Okrika Local Government Area.

“The explosion which occurred at 3:14am exactly, destroyed our secretariat, bringing down the walls. The damage was quite extensive with the chairman’s office being the worse hit.

“The All Progressives Congress in Okrika views this latest attack as a deliberate provocation by our opponents, the People’s Democratic Party to draw the APC into a battle that would destabilize our beloved local government area. This is unfortunate and the APC in Okrika would not allow Okrika to become a hotbed of crises as the PDP would wish,” he said.

“Till now the East-West Road through which we access our community has been left abandoned by a PDP-led Federal Government while Governor Chibuike Amaechi who is not an Okrika man built a ring road in Okrika and also rebuilt the portion of the Federal Government road that links the LGA to the Port Harcourt refinery.

“We however wish to warn our brothers in the PDP to remember that the land of Okrika has been known to defend itself and its people against aggression and that any Okrika person who brings crisis to the land answers for it,” he added.

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