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Topic: Fame Was Never His Purpose [25/11/2016]

For even hereunto were ye called: because Christ also suffered for us, leaving us an example, that ye should follow his steps: 1 Peter  2:21. Read: Lk 4:14-18

One of the reasons why many today (including some Christians) patronise the devil is to be famous in this world. The quest for fame has driven many to do what ordinarily with their senses would not have done. As a born again child of God, we must always know that there are things that need to pursue us not we running after them because they’re part of our Salvation package. One of those things is fame. Jesus goal was never to be famous in this world and lose His original purpose of His coming to this world to die on the cross, if not He would have been an earthly king and lose His heavenly throne. Jn 6:15. He would have given in to the temptation of the devil to giving Him the glory of the world. Matt 4:4-6.

Jesus told His disciples (after they had returned with good news on how devil bowed down to them) that they should only rejoice that their names are written in heaven. Lk 10:17-20. As genuine children of God, all things are freely given to us in Christ Jesus – including fame. But there is a price for everything, if you can pay the price (like Jesus did) fame would begin to run after you. Matt 6:33. Don’t allow the short fame of this passing world deny you of everlasting fame in God’s Kingdom. Follow Jesus examples. Don’t make fame your priority for serving the Lord.


* Doing the will of God on earth places you on the edge of fame on earth and heaven. Acts 1:8

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