Dunamis Paul Enenche

God of Vengeance By Pastor Paul Enenche



  1. Understanding the God of vengeance
  2. Understanding the purpose of vengeance
  3. Understanding the way to vengeance


  1. We serve a God who is a God of vengeance (Rom. 12:19; Heb. 10:30)
  2. God has specific days of vengeance (Isa. 34:5-8, 61:1-3, 63:4; Jer. 46:9-10)
  3. God executes vengeance on purpose


  1. God executes vengeance to react to and reward the actions of the enemy (Deut. 32:35-44)
  2. God executes vengeance for people to see the reward of righteousness (Ps. 58:3-10)
    God wants to deal with those who mock you to reward your righteousness
  3. God executes vengeance for the termination of the controversies, contradictions and conflicts of His people (Isa. 34:5-8)
  4. God executes vengeance for the rescue, healing, deliverance and breakthrough of His people (Isa. 35:3-10)
  5. God executes vengeance for the establishment of the fear of the Lord in the land (Isa. 59:17-20)
  6. God executes vengeance for the lifting up of the standard against the flood of the enemy (Isa. 59:19)
  7. God executes vengeance for the establishment of comfort and elimination of sorrow from the people (Isa. 61:1-3)
  8. God executes vengeance for the deletion of the strength of the enemy (Isa. 63:3-6)
  9. God executes vengeance for the judgement of conspirators, persecutors and under-cover enemies (Jer. 20:10-13)
  10. God executes vengeance for the cutting off of witchcraft and wickedness out of the land (Mic. 5:12,15)
  11. God executes vengeance for the fulfilment of Scripture in the lives of His people (Luke 21:22)
  12. God executes vengeance for the confirmation of the righteousness of God and the establishment of righteousness in the land (2Thes. 1:6; Isa. 26:9)


  1. Walking in covenant with God (Exo. 2:23-25)
  2. Make demands on the God of vengeance to show Himself (Ps. 94:1)


Father, tonight I want my deliverance; let Your Mercy arrive on my behalf, I want my recompense, LORD, in Jesus’ Name (Deut. 32:35-36)

O Lord to whom vengeance belongeth, show Yourself strong on our behalf, Lord in Jesus’ Name

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  • Father, every death looking for me, for my family, i command they be swallowed up now. Father wipe my tears by Your Power Lord in Jesus’ Name
    -Father, tonight I take back my crown, I take back the crown of my glory NOW!
  • Father, I receive my garment of beauty tonight. O garment of beauty belonging to my life, arrive NOW!
  • Father, I receive a baptism of the spirit of judgement tonight, I receive strength to turn the battle to the gate of the enemy
  • In the Name of Jesus, every paralysis around my life, around my destiny. O you paralysis around my life I curse you, DIE! in Jesus’ Name and o you destiny, I command you to run
  • I refuse stagnation, everything pertaining to me shall run in Jesus’ Name


  • Anywhere they take your name or have taken your name to, the Fire of God on this Altar shall fight them there and their enchantments shall fail
  • You will never have useless children; your children shall be relevant and significant in their generation
  • What no body in your father’s house have ever achieved, you will be the first to achieve, you will break the barrier and jinx in Jesus’ Name
  • You will not be stagnated; your journey will not be arrested
  • Everything blocked in your life, today they are unblocked and unobstructed in Jesus’ Name
  • You will break the jinx in your family. Where they say nobody can reach, you will reach there and what they say nobody can do, you will be the first to do it
  • Anything trying to put your life in shame, anything the devil is using to cause you reproach, tonight that garment is set on fire in the Name of Jesus. Shame shall never be your portion or the portion of your family
  • Nobody near you will be a burden to your life, no family member will be a pressure to your life
  • The Lion of Judah is passing through your life and family to execute judgement on altars and deities and lay to rest agents of darkness
  • The mystery behind your pain, reproach and stagnation is coming under judgement tonight
  • Thus saith the Lord ‘I am opening your prison doors, where they kept you and your family, the chains are being broken and you are stepping out”
  • There is an opening of every grave they buried you in and you are out in Jesus’ Name
  • There is a rescue operation, a restoration of what the devil said you will never find, what was lost forever
  • There is a release of light (direction and illumination) coming to destroy the works of darkness
  • Don’t be afraid, what the devil said you about will not happen! Their expectation concerning your life will not come to pass
  • The voice of witchcraft and occultism is nullified in your life
  • There is a deployment of a new set of angels for a new assignment in your life
  • All the things the devil said you will never touch, tonight is the beginning of your touching it
  • Every veil that has been cast over your life to prevent you from reaching your destiny, on this mountain they are catching fire
  • That crown the Lord put on you that was stolen. Tonight it is restored by judgmental fire
  • Any devil that say you should not dance or celebrate in the Lord your God, today is their end forever
  • Between this night and the next vigil, your family will celebrate your testimony and change of story
  • Every extra luggage is leaving you tonight
  • Anybody who will not let you rest will be arranged out of sight
  • Every controversial issue around your life shall be arrested by the fire of vengeance
  • Anybody responsible for any form of bondage in your life, vengeance shall answer in their camp
  • Any flood of evil fighting you from your family is arrested
  • Under the next 24 hours, vengeance shall answer in your favour
  • The angel of vengeance is released to war on your behalf in Jesus’ Name
  • Today marks the end of every wicked personality in your life and destiny
  • Every occultic disease, witchcraft infirmity; today it is over.
  • The powers that tied you down, their yokes are broken forever
  • Any virtue on this ground (The Glory Dome) is connected into your life now
  • You are not a victim of a crash either by land, air or sea.
  • You are not a candidate for ritualists in Jesus’ Name

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Lord Jesus, come into my life. I accept You as my Lord and Personal Saviour. I believe in my heart You died and rose from the dead to save me. Thank You Lord for saving me, in Jesus name Amen.

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