Vishwanath Mishall

An Indian man, Vishwanath Mishall, who lives and works in Abuja,  has been arrested by the Anti-kidnap squad of the Nigerian Police force after arranging and kidnapping himself. Police confirmed that, Vishwanath Mishall left Abuja and travelled to Enugu State when he arranged his own kidnapping.

His accomplice called to inform his employers that he had been kidnapped and would only be released if a ransom of N10m was paid.

According to the Nigerian Police Force, his employers agreed to pay N7m which was paid into an account of the Kidnapping accomplice.

Mishal was arrested on Thursday February 12 when he went to the back to the bank to withdraw the money at Enugu.

Mishall has confessed that he faked his own kidnapping as a plot to get money off his boss.

The Abuja Criminal Investigating Department is still investigating before the suspect will be charged to court.

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