Proud mum Maxie says she cannot believe what little Isla has been through

A marvelous baby girl whose heart stopped for five times in hospital is ready to come back home with her mother – alive and healthy.

Isla Allen was born 24 weeks premature and spent six months fighting for her life as she battled with multiple medical problems. The poor baby suffered from serious heart problems, bleeding on the brain and many more. During her stay in the hospital little Isla underwent at least three life-saving operations and an uncountable set of blood transfusions.

Little Isla is now at home with mum Maxie and dad Anthony 

On five separate occasions Isla’s tiny heart stopped, forcing doctor’s into emergency action. In one instance it stopped for 30 minutes and the youngster was without oxygen for 10 minutes. The girl had any chances to have her fingers amputated due to constant wearing of cannulas and  almost had part of her bowel removed.

Doctor’s worked extremely hard to save Isla’s life and now, six months later, she can come back home. Although the baby is still suffering from chronic lung disease and has to cope with severe deafness, doctors believe that she is strong enough to fight on her own.

The girl’s mother Maxie Foster, 25, said, “I don’t think there are words to describe how strong that baby is. She’s a warrior. I’m so glad she is alive and well and she is improving each day, but we don’t know what the future holds for her at this stage.

I am proud beyond belief, I can’t quite believe everything that’s happened and what she’s been through. I’m sure that soon it will all hit my like a ton of bricks but I’m so glad she’s home.”  Despite all odds a miracle baby with a strong desire for life is now at home with her happy parents, mum Maxie and dad Anthony, who live in Cambrisdgeshire, England, UK. [Daily Star]

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