A young mother was killed and her unborn baby cut from her womb by a teenager who was jealous at having lost her own child.

Nathaly Cartas Leon, 20, was looking forward to the birth of her child and planning the pregnancy together with her partner when she met teenager Guadalupe Salinas Hernandez.

The expectant mum had been looking to prepare her baby’s nursery and wanted to buy some items online. While searching Facebook, she came in contact with Hernandez.

After arranging to meet, Nathaly went to the teenager’s house, where she was attacked, hit over the head with a blunt instrument, and stabbed several times.

She died instantly and her child was cut from her womb.

The horrific killing which happened in the city of Reynosa, in the northeast Mexican state of Tamaulipas, has shocked the country and although the young pregnant woman had been reported missing, it was only when the teenager turned up in hospital claiming that the baby had been stillborn that the crime was discovered.

Doctors quickly realised that she was not the mother of the child, and the baby had not died a natural birth, but had suffocated in the womb after the death of its mother.

After she was interviewed by police, she confessed that the baby belonged to a woman she had killed days earlier, and police discovered the mutilated body at her home.

She had been in a relationship and after getting pregnant and not wanted to tell her partner she had an abortion, and planned to present another baby as hers and claimed it had been a miscarriage.

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