The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has accused the Chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) Prof. Attahiru Jega of holding secret meetings with the leadership of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Dubai.

The PDP also raised three questions for the INEC chairman to determine his innocence in the one-sided distribution of the Permanent Voter Cards which the ruling party said is skewed in favour of the opposition parties and against the stronghold of states perceived as pro-Jonathan.

Addressing a press conference on Wednesday on the rescheduling of the general elections to March 28 and April 11 for the national and states’ elections, the Director of Media of the PDP Presidential Campaign Organization, Femi Fani-Kayode said, “Pieces of information at our disposal have shown that Jega has had meetings with APC stalwarts in Dubai and other cities in the world to perfect this wanton conspiracy against 23 million eligible voters. Besides, we have information that the PVCs that Nigerians are scrambling for are not in Nigeria and will not arrive before the elections. These PVCs are still in China and Prof Jega has strategically delayed their arrival to suit his electioneering permutations.”

Fani Kayode further asked “Can Jega show Nigerians proof that the Chinese company printing the PVCs has been paid in full by disclosing the total contract sum and the amount paid to date? Can Prof Jega show proof of arrival or expected date of arrival of all PVCs for the elections? Can Prof Jega tell Nigerians how he could have distributed 23 million PVCs within 5days to election if there hadn’t been a postponement?”

The PDP Presidential Campaign spokesman therefore asked, “Could this be why Prof Jega has refused to allow citizens use their temporary voter cards despite pleas from the National Assembly and well-meaning Nigerians? Does it make sense to disenfranchise 23 million citizens (a third of the eligible voters) because INEC says it wants to avoid rigging? The 2011 elections were adjudged the most transparent by Nigerians, the international community and the INEC chairman himself without the use of PVCs. So what has changed?

“Is this why APC leaders and members insist on non-postponement of the elections even when they know that 23 million Nigerians may not vote? Do they know something we do not know?

“Prof Jega said on National Television on 23rd of January 2015 that INEC is doing everything possible to ensure that before the end of January all the cards have been produced and made available. That deadline of end of January has come and gone and we still do not have the PVCs. Is he being sincere?

“We hereby challenge Prof Jega to be honourable and transparent. He should publish accurate information on the state of PVCs: how many PVCs are in the country? Where are they located state by state? When would the others arrive from China? How does he plan to distribute them before elections?

“Jega should respond to these allegations of partisanship and ineptitude, and live up to his responsibilities as an independent election umpire. If he refuses to do so, we may end up losing confidence in him,” Fani-Kayode added.

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