Joel and Victoria Osteen

Topic: Just Imagine! [Joel and Victoria Osteen’s Devotional 20 July 2019]


“…and now nothing they have imagined they can do will be impossible for them.” – Genesis 11:6, AMPC


How often do you stop and think about what you are thinking about? So often we live with our minds on autopilot, taking in whatever thoughts come our way. But if we are going to rise up higher the way God intends, we have to make sure our thoughts line up with His thoughts. Seven times in Scripture God asks people, “What do you see?” God is interested in your vision. Before your dream comes to pass, you have to see yourself accomplishing that dream. You have to get a picture of it. Before you lose the weight, before you break the addiction, you have to see it happening in your imagination. Today, instead of thinking about your problems, think about God’s promises. Get a vision for what He has in store for your future. Imagine yourself living in victory. Imagine yourself healed. Imagine yourself walking in abundance. Imagine yourself blessing other people. Just imagine what God has in store for you because nothing is impossible with Him!


Father, today I set my heart and mind on You. Give me Your vision for my future. Help me to see myself the way You see me so that I can imagine and live in the blessing You have in store for me in Jesus’ name. Amen.