Joyce Meyer's Daily 24 November 2017 Devotional: You Can Come Over Anytime

Topic: You Can Come Over Anytime [Friday November 24, 2017]

But we are able to see Jesus, Who was ranked lower than the angels for a little while, crowned with glory and honor because of His having suffered death, in order that by the grace (unmerited favor) of God [to us sinners] He might experience death for every individual person. — Hebrews 2:9

God has given us permission to fearlessly, confidently, and boldly draw near to His throne of grace. In fact, we are encouraged in Ephesians 3:12 to approach Him freely.

Through our relationship with Christ, the Holy Spirit is always with us, in our spirit. But this scripture is telling us that because we are the righteousness of God in Christ, we can be confident that God loves and accepts us all the time, and when we need His help and forgiveness, He offers them freely. We can approach Him for anything and everything we need, whenever we need to do it.

We can go to Him 200 times a day if we want to, with an “in and out” type of privilege. God doesn’t even tell us we have to knock on the door or wait for someone to say, “Come in.”

Suppose you have a friend who says, “You know what? You can come over anytime you want to come. You don’t even have to knock because you are welcome anytime, day or night. Just come on in!”

Now just think…God is saying that to you, unreservedly, which means you don’t have to be careful or hesitate or wonder if you’ve worn-out your welcome. It means even if you make some mistakes or do things you shouldn’t do, you can repent of your sins, be cleansed in the blood of Jesus, and go boldly into His presence.

From Joyce Meyer’s Ministries

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