Author: Kemi Oyedepo

It’s great to have those who inspire us but it’s so much more rewarding when we also give back and become an inspiration to others. Let someone look at your life, your family, your career, etc and just be inspired.

Show them that despite their gender, they can scale heights. Show them that despite their past mistakes, God can still bring out the treasures in them. Show them that despite their disabilities, they can still attain unimaginable feats. Show them that those same disadvantages they feel they have, can actually be their advantage. Make someone, anyone feel as though there is nothing they cannot do.

Let people be stimulated to do something extraordinary just by looking at your life. They don’t need to know you personally, they don’t have to have ever spoken to you before. Many of us are constantly looking for those who can inspire us to be more than we are now; that is good and even necessary. However, our reward lies in giving back to others by inspiring them.

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