10 layers beaded jewelry with gold details and its made up of chalk class of
bead and original gold balls.
Beaded jewelries/wire works/sales of materials/training/accessories
A Division Of Meeny Ventures
For That Classic Look.

4 layers beaded ball jewelry with gold balls. And it’s made up of coral class beads.
8 layers beaded jewelry…made up of both coral and pearls class of bead.
4 layers beaded jewelry called (four angle) with broach attached to it…and
 it made up of angel skin class of bead
3 layers beaded jewelry called interwoven made up of both sand bead ,crystal bead and chalk bead.
7 layers coral bead with double beaded broach……
9 layers beaded jewelry with double broach…..made up of coral class of bead.
3 layers 4 angle with beaded ball  jewelry with gold details  made up of angel skin class of bead.
4 layers beaded jewelry made up of pearls class of bead with both gold and silver balls.

You can reach the Nigerian Coral Bead Designer through the following contacts:
Tel: 07039873331, 08026012753,  07062974589
Email: meenyjewelries@yahoo.com, meenyeffizy@gmail.com

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