Making Kogi State Better in 2015 is a commentary written by Abu Micheal, Chief Press Secretary to Kogi State Deputy Governor.

Like every other State in Nigeria, 2014 had its ups and down for Kogi State, especially on the issue of dwindling financial resources.

The cheering news however was that Governor Idris Wada proved that he is a man imbued with a high sense of service. Despite the noticed challenges to governance in the country, Kogi State has continued to remain a work in progress, under the leadership of Gov Idris Wada.
It is important to state that in order to expand the frontiers of infrastructural and human capital development in Kogi State, the Wada administration in line with the driving force of a legacy of continuity completed projects inherited from the last administration.

The governor has not only successfully completed all such projects that he inherited in the State, he has also embarked on new ones, with several of them having direct impact on the lives of the people.
It is important to also state that  despite the shortfall in fiscal allocation, the Capt Wada administration has been able to pay workers’ salaries regularly, embarked on life impacting projects, including youth employment, empowerment,  and carried out several micro credit schemes among others.

Also, the administration has improved on educational and health facilities it met on the ground across the state.  The administration’s agricultural policy has also placed the state on the world map as a potential food basket. Several road projects have been completed with new ones ongoing. In all, the Capt Wada administration has not left anyone in doubt that it is focused and people centered.
With several programmes on going to place the State on a new era of true greatness, Kogi State like any other developed society will grow to greatness if the people in this new year shun mundane issues that usually retard growth and development of a society. Such issues as rumour mongering, ethnicity, corruption, pull him down syndrome and others that are retarding factors to development must be done away with in this new year.

So far, Capt. Wada has shown that he has vision, he is a great manager of resources as well as a leader whose style of leadership would enable the state attain its peak.

In the last few years, Capt Wada has been able to prove that through selfless service, grand vision, integrity and the courage to stay the course he represents, a solid foundation can be laid for the state.

As we step into 2015, a year of election usually associated with its numerous challenges. It is important to therefore say that the current wheel of development that is on course in the State must not be sacrificed on the alter of politics by those who may not mean well for the State. The peace and stability, an unquantifiable asset been enjoyed in the state close to three years of the Capt Wada administration must be sustained.

Without mincing words, Capt Wada to all those who mean well for the state has shown that he is concerned about the drive for a greater relevance for Kogi State. He also see’s the drive to maximize the state’s rich potentials as now, particularly in tackling poverty, unemployment amidst plenty. This the governor has pursued without losing focus.

Capt Wada so far must be commended for raising the bar of quality politics. He has identified the issues of good governance and development as his sole purpose for being in government.
It is also not in doubt that a new set of values that reduces inequality, injustices has been made possible by Capt. Wada.

What is therefore needed from the people in this year where several fear and anxiety have already been created in the minds of the citizenry is for effective participation by all towards achieving the transformation agenda that is on course in the state.

Beyond sweet talk, Kogi is on the threshold of genuine transformation. This is evidenced in outstanding results, the peace and tranquility that abound the state. Capt Wada has shown that so much can be achieved if the leadership is consistent, focused and purpose driven.

The last few years of Capt Wada as governor in all honesty when summed up, putting empirical evidenced of growth and development, peace and tranquility into perspective, can be said to have been geared towards truly making the state a better place to live in.

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