According to Nigeria’s former Aviation Minister, Mr. Femi Fani-Kayode, President Muhammadu Buhari is no match for his predecessor, Goodluck Jonathan, when it comes to managing the affairs of the nation.

“In less than one year I have been proved right in my continuous assertion that when it comes to running the affairs of our country President Goodluck Jonathan is by far the better man and the PDP by far the better party,” he said in an article.

“That is what is paining them and that is what they cannot bear to hear. Now they seek vengeance and they wish to silence me yet I am prepared for the worse.

“The only thing that I underestimated was the high degree of malice that our president has for all his political adversaries and critics, the inexplicable pleasure that he derives in inflicting pain on the innocent, the strange delight he harbours in indulging in wickedness and the monumental incompetence he displays when it comes to administering the affairs of our nation.

“In my world, a man is measured not by his ability to kill his subjects, to destroy his political opponents, to shed the blood of the defenceless, to throw the innocent in dungeons, to humiliate and persecute his adversaries, to abuse power and to pervert the judicial system but by the level of his humanity and his sense of decency, fairness, justice and restraint,” he said.

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