Jer 49 vs 10 “But I have stripped Esau’s descendants completely and uncovered their hiding places, so that they can no longer hide. All the people of Edom are destroyed” (GNV).

A lay man’s adage says when there’s a crack in the walls of a king’s house, he receives the lizard as visitor. From this passage, I will like to dwell more on two words. “King and Lizard” A king is someone of high reputation and from the narrative in the adage, the lizard is seen as an unwanted visitor which the crack in the wall gave unnecessary advantage. What does this implies? The king has been so carefree for reasons known to only him to have allowed a crack in the palace in the first place. No blame for the Lizard in my opinion, he capitalised on the opportunity which it might not see again (but will utilise this one to the fullest).

What are cracks? Cracks are lines on the surface of a wall (in this context) which makes it split without completely breaking into separate parts.

Cracks open the secret places of a covered life. Many are living with cracks in the walls of their destiny which have given enemy easy access to their lives.

A crack in the wall of a man’s destiny exposes him to the filtration of wickedness.
Possible causes of Crack in the walls of a destiny are:
1. Your foundation.
2. Birth place
3. Your name
4. Covenant existing in ur life.
5. Dedication done in ur life
6. What u eat
7. Your relationship
8. Your past sexual implications.

All these would surely give enemies enough access into your destiny but the good news I have for u today is.. These cracked walls can be mended by The king of kings, The lord of lords, The I am that I am, The one and only True God.

Accept him as your lord and saviour.
Repent from every sin.

Then you are qualified to pray these prayers: 
1. Lord plaster the walls of my destiny with the blood of Jesus
2. Anything keeping me naked before my enemies, I rebuke you IJN.
3. Every conspiracy that is uncovering my secret places, be scattered IJN.


By Adesuyan Abayomi

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