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MFM Mountain Top Life Daily Devotional 29 August 2019 By Dr. D.K Olukoya – The Flesh Profits Nothing

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TOPIC: The Flesh Profits Nothing (Mountain Of Fire and Miracle Ministries, MFM Daily Devotional 29 August 2019)

BIBLE IN ONE YEAR: Psalm 126-128; 1 Corinthians 10:19-33

FIRE SCRIPTURE: Daniel 1:3-8

MEMORY VERSE: “It is the spirit that quickeneth; the flesh profiteth nothing: the words that I speak unto you, they are spirit, and they are life.” – John 6:63


Daniel and his Hebrew brothers refused the king’s delicacies because they knew it was going to pollute them and weaken their spiritual lives. Were they not hungry? They were. Was the king’s meal not sumptuous and alluring? It was. It was a rare privilege to be offered something of value by a king. Though the Hebrew young men knew it was a privilege to be offered a meal by the king and that the king could get offended if he learnt about their refusal, yet they humbly rejected. They chose to obey God rather than man. They were not ruled by the flesh. The lust of the eyes, lust of the flesh and the love of the world as well as the pride of life had no power over them. Rather, the fruit of the Spirit was evidently at work in their lives: love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness and temperance.

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Similarly, Joseph refused the seductive advances of Mrs. Potiphar. His heart was right with God. He said, “How can I do this wicked thing against the Lord?” For morally debased individuals and those with corrupt minds, what Mrs. Potiphar offered them on a platter of gold would have been regarded as divinely arranged opportunity for pleasure. They would have thought that such an offer would be at no cost to them, but how wrong they would have been. The devil has no free gift. If Joseph had acquiesced, he would have lost his glorious destiny and wonderful future. His dreams would have been shattered. In addition, Joseph did not see Mrs. Potiphar as the “angel” or “destiny helper” God had sent to end his journey of misery, pain and unfulfilled dreams. He did not grab the opportunity so that the woman would influence her highly-connected husband to promote or bless him. If Joseph had sought an ungodly short cut to solve his problem, he would have ended up in regrets.

It pays to listen to the Holy Spirit and obey Him. Daniel and the three other Hebrews were promoted and highly blessed in the kingdom. The discipline and faithfulness that these young Bible characters exhibited made them enjoy divine promotion as well as favour with God and men.

In contrast with Hebrew brothers and Joseph, David could not overcome the temptation of committing adultery with Bathsheba, and Samson could not handle Delilah until she destroyed him. Also, Eve lacked the power to resist eating the apple. The truth, beloved, is that it takes discipline, persistence and doggedness to live in the will of God. You must not allow the flesh to rule you. Be Spirit-filled and Spirit-led, for the flesh profits nothing.


Receive power to be Spirit-filled and Spirit-led.



1. I shut the door of error opened against me, in the name of Jesus.

2. Satanic agenda to pollute and destroy me, fail woefully, in the name of Jesus.

3. I mortify the flesh by the power in the blood of Jesus, in the name of Jesus.


4. I receive the power and grace to resist the devil and make him flee from me, in the name of Jesus.

5. I receive power for spiritual discipline, persistence and doggedness, in the name of Jesus.

6. Any power or personality assigned to kill my good dreams, die now, in the name of Jesus.

7. My Joseph’s dream, reject satanic attacks, come to pass now, in the name of Jesus.

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