Nigeria is taking extra measures to strengthen security around its airports, particularly those engaged in international flight operations.

It was gathered that the country was making additional investments in security surveillance and monitoring software with the deployment of more personnel at the country’s international airports following recent terror attacks in France after Boko Haram, Nigeria’s major terrorist group, had openly commended the French attackers.

Nigeria’s efforts to safeguard its airports comes amid concerns by the United States of America that all might not be well with security situations at Nigeria’s major international airport in Lagos to safeguard it from terrorist attacks.

It was also learnt that the American government had recently mandated a team from its Transport Security Administration (TSA) to undertake an immediate audit of the security infrastructure and personnel at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Lagos, to ensure it meets global standards to permit US-owned and operated flights to continue business with Nigeria.

In anticipation of the planned visit of the team from TSA, Nigerian security experts, it was learnt, held several meetings with officials of the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN), and the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) to find ways of closing some security lapses at the MMIA Lagos.

Only last November, the TSA had drawn the attention of the Nigerian government to some flaws at the Lagos airport urging urgent measures to be taken to correct them to stem any form of security breaches.

One of such lapses was the porous access gates into the airport, which allowed just anybody (staff and non-staff) to enter into the airport premises including the cargo sections, a warning the Nigerian government needed to address with urgency.

Many international passengers have been complaining in recent months that the absence of perimeter fencing around the Lagos international airport has seen even thieves entering the airports to steal goods and luggage at the cargo section from the ramp.

The epileptic power supply and poor illumination of most parts of the Lagos international airport was another source of concern to TSA as it noted these lapses provided enough cover for evil minded persons and terrorists who usually hide under darkness to sneak in weapons to strike at any target like the airport.

To scale the TSA audit, Nigerian security experts are working to get better illumination for every section of the airport as well as boost equipment and personnel to screen passengers and any other person entering the airport.

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