President Muhammadu Buhari yesterday assured that Nigeria is working hard to resolve the power problem facing the country.

He said the problem was also affecting other neighboring countries which depend on Nigeria for their power supply.

Buhari spoke while receiving the Togolese President, Faure Gnassingbe, at the Presidential Villa, Abuja.

He said: “They say seeing is believing, you can see the efforts private investors are doing. We are also building pipelines but it is not as formidable as what Dangote is doing; we are improving on it. We also have the LNG that is helping us to liquidify the gas and then turn it into gas with modern technology and modern technology is making it flexible.

“And if you will recall, I made mention to President of Benin. We have power problem and Benin has power problem because they depend on us and we are working very hard to stabilise the situation. The resources are available, the technology is available we are trying to stabilise the situation.

“If we improve power which means our productivity can be competitive and God’s willing we are going to achieve our objectives.”

He also said they discussed the unfortunate incidents in South Sudan and Burundi during their meeting.

“It is an agonising situation, several citizens are living under primitive conditions, we hope at the AU meeting we will be able to stabilise the situation in South Sudan and Burundi with the efforts being made,” he said.

The Togolese President said that he was impressed by the Dangote investment which brought him to Lagos State.

He said: “We have been talking of socio-economic integration and promoting trade among African countries. If you want to promote trade, you have investors that are very competitive and will contribute to reduce import from non-African countries.”

“I was told the gas pipeline that will be built will be buried under the sea? to make it. It means if you want to promote blue economy, our ocean needs to be very safe. We need security” he said According to him, he was also in Abuja to invite President Buhari for the maritime summit billed for Togo on the 15th of October, 2016.

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