The Lagos State chapter of the All Progressives Congress (APC) has dismissed allegations by the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), that it planned to use teachers to rig the 2015 elections in the state.

This came following a statement by one Felix Oboagwina on behalf of PDP governorship candidate, Jimi Agbaje, that the party wanted to use teachers and civil servants to swing the forthcoming election in favour of the APC.

“We find the allegation of PDP as laughable considering the fact that the PDP in Lagos has discovered that the false bubble on which it built its wild expectation of taking over Lagos is busting on its faces as the campaigns gather momentum,” said State Publicity Secretary of APC, Joe Igbokwe
“Whatever makes the PDP to think it will be allowed by the people of Lagos to replace the government of Lagos, which has become the redeeming light in a Nigeria the PDP had totally crumbled, beats us. But we know that the hallucination of the PDP that it would be allowed to wreck Lagos the way it wrecked Nigeria despite trillions of oil wealth it plundered is premised on its legendary rigging prowess which is bound to fail as Nigerians yearn for a change in the stale polity the PDP has diligently erected since 1999.

“It was this belief that made the PDP indulge in large scale mopping up of voters cards using large amount of money for the purpose of rigging the forthcoming election. It is well known that today, the PDP is using amorphous groups and self-named NGOs to launder heavy cash as inducement for people to either surrender their PVCs or their PVC PIN numbers for ulterior motives during the forth coming election. We know the groups, mainly Igbo groups and traders organizations the PDP is using to buy and con the cards of voters in Lagos and in due season we shall reveal the groups and individuals involved in this shady practice,” Igbokwe said.

The APC therefore urged the people of Lagos State to disregard the allegations by the PDP, but rather monitor closely, some groups and individuals inducing innocent people all over Lagos with money to buy their voters cards.

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