Open Heaven For Teens 6 December 2021: Set Goals

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TOPIC: Set Goals [Open Heaven for Teens 6 December 2021]

MEMORISE: And the LORD answered me, and said, Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it. Habakkuk 2:2

READ: Proverbs 3:5
Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.

BIBLE IN ONE YEAR: Daniel 7-8, 1 John 5:1-21


Many people think that setting goals shows lack of trust in God but that is not true. Some teenagers say I will follow Gods leading for my life this year and by September, they’ll realize they’ve achieved nothing.

My schedule for any year is usually ready about 3 months before that year. I set personal goals for my family and ministry – the number of souls I want to win for God, what projects to embark on to advance Gods kingdom here on earth, activities that will connect my family members from time to time et cetera. Setting goals and consulting with God shows that you trust Him and believe that He is able to lead you while you are moving forward. It is also important to design strategies on how to achieve them. For instance, one of your academic goals may be to get straight As. You can then set a score to all your continuous assessment tests and exams, when to do group tutorials, how much time to spend reading in the library, relevant books you’ll need for additional research et cetera. All these must be put into writing with a time frame to achieve them. Paste it where you can see every morning so you can follow through to achieve them.


Setting goals is a way of planning. If you fail to plan, you have already planned to fail.

HYMN: I’m Pressing On The Upward Way

  1. I’m pressing on the upward way,
    New heights I’m gaining every day;
    Still praying as I onward bound,
    “Lord, plant my feet on higher ground”.

Lord, lift me up and let me stand,
By faith on heaven’s table-land;
Where love and joy and light abound,
Lord, plant my feet on higher ground.

  1. My heart has no desire to stay,
    Where doubts arise and fears dismay;
    Though some may dwell where these abound,
    My constant aim is higher ground.
  2. Beyond the mist I fain would rise,
    To rest beneath unclouded skies,
    Above earth’s turmoil peace is found
    By those who dwell on higher ground.
  3. I long to scale the utmost height,
    Though rough the way, and hard the fight,
    My song while climbing shall resound
    Lord lead me on to higher ground.
  4. Lord lead me up the mountain side,
    I dare not climb without my Guide;
    And heaven gained, I’ll gaze around,
    With grateful heart from higher ground.

Daily Devotional for Teen’s guide was written by Pastor E.A. Adeboye, the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, one of the largest evangelical church in the world and also the President of Christ the Redeemer’s Ministries.