Nigerians are the highest users of dual subscriber identity module or SIM devices in the world according to a report by Open Signal.

According to Open Signal, the crowdsourced cell phone signal startup, says that three out of every five mobile phones in Nigeria have dual SIM slots – a 66% incidence rate.

For those unfamiliar with dual SIMs, it is basically where the phone will allow the user to have more than one SIM card active at a time. They can receive messages from either SIM card and can choose to call out using whichever SIM card they prefer. It makes it ideal for users who have more than one line but don’t want to carry more than one handset.

Open Signal arrived at the figures by crunching data generated from over a million Open Signal downloads.

According to the research summary, the group was able to identify four different API methods that was then used to scope out dual or multi-SIM functionality.

The report reads in part, “In general, developing economies have a higher proportion of dual SIM users, in several countries dual (or multi) SIM users are the majority of Android users. The US, UK and Canada all have around 4% penetration, Australia is slightly higher at 5%. Several European countries have middle of the road values – Greece, Hungary, Spain, Albania, Croatia are all around 25%.”

South Korea had the lowest prevalence at 0.40 percent. Other countries apart from Nigeria where dual SIM phones are especially popular are Bangladesh, Tanzania, and Guatemala just to name a few.

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