Our Daily Manna December 11, 2017: ODM devotional – Trust Is A Curse!

Topic: Trust Is A Curse! [Monday, December 11, 2017]

Basic Scripture: Jeremiah 17:1-10

Welcome today’s devotional encounter with these questions as our leading signposts: “What is one of the fastest issues that can kindle the fire of the anger of God?” “What made great men like John F. Kennedy, Julius Caesar, Captain Sankara of Burkina Faso, Chief M.K.O Abiola, General  Murtala Mohammed of Nigeria, etc, to die before their time?” And the answers are in just four words: Trust in a man!”

I was a little boy then, but never forget Lt. Col. B. Dimka, the assassin of my most respected Head of State till date, Gen. Murtala Mohammed was one of his closest friend in Nigeria Army then! As you use this devotional today, heaven is sounding an alarm in your life: “Cursed is the man that trusteth in man and maketh flesh his arm.” WOW! To TRUST in is a CURSE! Vs. 9 of our Basic Scripture declares further: “The heart of man is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked;  who can know it?”

Yes! The heart of man is a tyrant and a monster! In your life and ministry, you will meet and work with lots of people. Don’t trust any! It is deadly! Love people! Don’t trust people! Of course love believes all things, but love does not trust anything except God. Your absolute trust must be in God alone. Give people, “half trust” or what I call, ‘Social Trust.” Heaven is repeating this warning so much again, for the sake of someone using this devotional! Catch it! Avoid dying before your time! Some will please you, while many (including close associates) will hurt you! Decide to forgive people in advance because, the heart of man is full of deceit and whether you like it or not, some of your closest allies will hurt you.

The closer you walk with God, the less room for anything to come between. Never trust man! Never! You will end this year well in Jesus name!

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Prayer Points: Take a song of worship unto God as led now.

1. In your own words, pray about today’s word as led.

2. Repent and pray: I shall not trust in man again.

3. Commit your spouse, your best friend, etc, to God. Pray that they will not be used against you.

4. I release forgiveness to (mention those that have hurt you this year or in the past).

5. By the Blood of Jesus, I break every curse on my life and ministry as a result of trusting men. Lord, heal/refresh me again in Jesus name.

6. Pray about TODAY and the last days of 2017. Loose RESTORATION!

By Bishop (Dr) Chris E. Kwakpovwe (Cek)
Publisher/Writer Of ODM And

Rev (Mrs) Flora E. Kwakpovwe (Fek)
Co-Publisher/Writer Of ODM.

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