Our Daily Manna July 10, 2017: ODM devotional – He Killed His First Son! The Power of Your Sacrifice!

Your SEED connects you to the BLOOD which connects you to MERCY, which in turn provokes the DISGRACE OF ACHAN.

Topic: He Killed His First Son! The Power Of Your Sacrifice!

(2 Kings 3:19-27).

Welcome to today’s devotional! Vs. 27 of today’s scripture says, “Then he took his eldest son that should have reigned in his stead, and offered him for a burnt offering upon the wall. And there was great indignation against Israel: and they departed from him, and returned to their own land.” Wow! You mean God turned against His own people because of the sacrifice of a Moabite King? O yes! That’s the power of sacrifice and the mystery of sacrifice. What 700 men with swords could not do, a single sacrifice did (Vs. 26). Note: “And there was great indignation against Israel.” The calamity of Moab was exchanged by a sacrifice and by it, God “turned His back” on Israel.

Your sacrifice can terminate DELAY, end a life of struggle, scatter barriers, destroy strongholds and break the cycle of poverty. The difference today is that Jesus Christ has been offered as the greatest and final sacrifice! So you are not meant to offer human or animal sacrifice. One major source of sacrifice available to us today is SEED SOWING ( Gen. 8:22). Your SEED connects you to the BLOOD which connects you to MERCY, which in turn provokes the DIGRACE OF ACHAN.

Your SEED carries a voice that speaks day and night on your behalf! What you cannot do in 20 years, your seed can do in one day! I thank God that in this vision, testimonies of seeds sown are spreading like wildfire worldwide. What you sowed for may not have happened exactly but He makes all things beautiful in His own time! If you have sown before and have not seen results, don’t quit! See Eccl 11:6 now! You can sow again! I challenge you to still sow a special ANTI-DELAY/ACHAN –MUST –DIE SEED in this fasting program and see God turn that battle againt the enemy.

I shall send you one ANTI-DELAY PSALM which you will pray for 3 weeks when you sow and send a text/E-mail/Whatsapp to the numbers on page 96 of “War Against Haman -12” booklet. Refuse to give up now! I prophesy: The voice of your seed shall be louder and stronger than your accusers! By the power of your sacrifice/seed, that sturbborn battle shall bow. That marital or financial or indeed testimony embargo (DELAY) shall be lifted in Jesus Christ name! Sow again! Pray again!

Prayer Points: Take your best worship song now.

1. My Father! My Father!! As I Pray and sow my SEED in this fasting programme, ACHAN must die in Jesus Christ name. See above for today’s prayers!

By Bishop (Dr) Chris E. Kwakpovwe (Cek)
Publisher/Writer Of Odm And

Rev (Mrs) Flora E. Kwakpovwe (Fek)
Co-Publisher/Writer Of Odm.

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